Casteller footwear, since 1993

Casteller is an artisan firm, of high quality and design. For this reason, all our models are manufactured solely and exclusively for you, according to your preferences.

When you choose a model, our team sets out to manufacture it, tailored to your needs. So you always have your model size and color available.

Cajas de Casteller

About us

Sustainable production 100% handmade.

For generations, a solid footwear industry has prospered in the region of Murcia, one of the mainstays of which is its renowned tradition in the production of jute-soled footwear. It is in this region of eastern Spain where the company was founded in 1993. CALZADOS CASTELLER SL, dedicated to the production of footwear with jute soles.

Both the artisan manufacturing, as well as the hand-sewing, as well as the machine manufacturing of CALZADOS CASTELLER SL includes a wide range of models that improves year after year. Modern designs, personality and excellent finishes, which it exports to the US, Italy, France, Greece, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Denmark, Indonesia, Lebanon and Belgium.

Casteller SL Footwear