Tejiendo yute
Tejiendo yute

Second generation of artisans

CASTELLER (Calzados Casteller, SL) is an international jute footwear firm that creates its designs and produces its entire collection in a historic and unique enclave, Caravaca de la Cruz.

Casteller has a long history in the manufacture of high-quality footwear that year after year has grown and is currently in the 2nd generation.

Casteller we are specialists in the manufacture of footwear with jute soles, and we maintain the value of the artisan manufacturing process, hand sewing, leaving only mechanized production for more specific jobs.


elegant designs

Casteller is distinguished by its craftsmanship that makes all its finishes result in elegant designs with the rustic touch that is so romantic and characteristic of this type of footwear.

But we are not only artisans. The 2nd generation of Casteller, Ginés, brings exquisite creativity to the collections that translates into a wide range of models that surprise for their exclusivity year after year.

After many years of dedication, at Casteller we have perfected the ideal combination between design and comfort, while at the same time we have established ourselves in the national and international market, differentiating ourselves by our quality and design of our product.

Trabajo artesano