creation and work

How are they made?

The process of creating a Casteller shoe is handmade, creative, delicate,…

Each season we work on our collections that position us as an exclusive, different, comfortable and high-quality jute footwear firm.

Very few times do we imagine all the work involved in creating such a fundamental element as our footwear, footwear that we will wear on our feet for hours and that will be the basis of our daily well-being.

This initial phase is, without a doubt, our most creative part.

01. Creation, drawing, design

Because we are artisan shoemakers, because of our romanticism and our feeling of closeness to our client, the drawings are often still done freehand.

Other times, computer programs that have come to stay are used. Both options require the same processes: drawing the last, thinking about the function of the shoe, imagining the height and the range of colors and leathers or fabrics that we are going to use...

It is the freest moment but at the same time, the most restrictive because comfort prevails and above all, the CLIENT prevails.

The balance between the design that defines the personality of a brand and the designs that are commercial and comfortable is another challenge that we have when creating our collections.

essential components

02. The jute sole

Our designs are based on a natural and very delicate element such as jute. For many years, jute has been worked manually, artisanally and with a technique that is at risk of disappearing.

Our footwear is a work that is born from the earth, which is worked and transformed to enjoy the comfort and freshness of the most famous footwear of the summer.

For years, footwear that has been rooted in our land for centuries has been an international trend.

Manually, the soles that will be the basis of our designs are braided and shaped.

We know and value the large number of advantages that our jute shoes have, but it is true that the most important thing is to realize how, year after year, espadrilles continue to be the footwear of the season.

the twisted

03. The rope

We never get tired of seeing how jute is braided in such an artisanal and delicate way and our footwear is created from those braids.

distinctive design

04. The wedge

This is an element that sets us apart from all our competitors with a design that sets us apart wherever you see a CASTELLER shoe.

Elegant and feminine designs

05. The last

Elegant, feminine, sexy designs emerge from our exclusive and well-studied lasts... that never lose sight of comfort, which is what makes us incredibly sexy and elegant every summer.